Waterproofers & Sealers (3)

Waterproofers & sealers are formulated to protect a variety of surfaces from water damage, and they are supplied by high-quality brands like Thompsons and Stormdry and they are available in multiple forms like water-based and cream.

Water seals provide maximum waterproofing protection for all types of exterior brickwork and stone and only one coat is required for the best results. The beading from these products last 4 times longer than conventional waterproofers and can be applied on damp surfaces.

Waterproofing cream gives a deeply penetrating protective water-repellent masonry cream suitable for brick, stone and concrete. Due to its cream-based formulation, it is able to penetrate more deeply into masonry than standard liquid-applied water seal products.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We sell a large variety of adhesives sealants and chemicals that can be used in a huge of jobs and environments.

Waterproofers & Sealers

K Rend K-Pro 5 Litre
£62.20 Inc VAT £51.83 Ex VAT
Stormdry® Masonry Protection Waterproofing Cream 5 Litre
£105.54 Inc VAT £87.95 Ex VAT
Thompson's One Coat Water Seal Ultra
As low as £11.10 Inc VAT £9.25 Ex VAT