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Rivets (10)

Rivets are suitable for supporting shear and tensile loads as the shaft cleverly expands to create a watertight seal that will not loosen, even when subjected to vibration.

Our selection of aluminium and steel rivets and washers are suitable for use on a diverse range of applications that demand fixed tensioned support. The innovative design offers a high strength connection and ensures the permanently formed head will prevent the rivet from detaching from the drilled hole.

We provide a range of extremely durable and versatile rivets from leading suppliers Draper and Arrow in different sizes and quantities that provide an extremely handy and versatile addition to everyday applications that require a firm bonding grip that is even more efficient than using staples or glue.

For more information regarding our range of products or if you require any advice please telephone our main sales line on 01772 431 216 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Metal Rivets

Arrow 1/8" Aluminium Rivets - Pack of 100
As low as £3.11 Inc VAT £2.59 Ex VAT
Arrow 3/16" Aluminium Rivets - Pack of 50
As low as £3.34 Inc VAT £2.78 Ex VAT
Arrow RK6120 Assorted Aluminium and Steel Rivets - Pack of 120
£5.05 Inc VAT £4.21 Ex VAT
Draper Blind Rivets - 50 Piece
As low as £3.53 Inc VAT £2.94 Ex VAT
Draper 37659 Blind Rivets - 4.8 x 10.2mm - Tub of 800
£21.23 Inc VAT £17.69 Ex VAT
Draper 37658 Blind Rivets - 4.0 x 10.2mm - Tub of 1200
£27.71 Inc VAT £23.09 Ex VAT
Draper 37657 Blind Rivets - 3.2 x 10.2mm - Tub of 2000
£28.22 Inc VAT £23.52 Ex VAT
Arrow WA1/8 1/8" Washers 30 Pack | C&W Berry
£1.36 Inc VAT £1.13 Ex VAT
Arrow WA3/16 3/16" Washers - Pack of 30
£1.75 Inc VAT £1.46 Ex VAT
Draper RIV/W Rivet Backing Washers - 100 Piece
As low as £3.48 Inc VAT £2.90 Ex VAT