Direct Fixing Screws (1)

Direct fixing screws are primarily used in concrete, stone and masonry and are suitable both temporary and permanent fixings in domestic and commercial and are supplied by leading brand Rapierstar.

These direct fixing screws out-perform other types of plugless fixings in both performance and durability. They have a self-tapping thread with spaced hi-lo thread form that provides ultimate grip and allows for multiple re-fixing without stripping the formed tapped hole.

These screws give optimum drive efficiency which improves their grip and extending the bit life. They require no plugs and are permanent and secure in many applications including window and door frame fixings, timber beams, battens, wooden laths, facades, metal profiles and panels.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. Our range includes a large selection of screws for a variety of applications internal or external.

Direct Fixing Screws

Rapierstar 7.5mm Direct Fixing Screw - Box of 100
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