Safes & Cash Boxes (9)

Safes & cash boxes are used for securely storing small to medium high-value items. They are available in multiple shapes and sizes, as well as having different mechanisms including key, combination, and electronic safes. These safes & cash boxes are supplied by leading brands like Sterling, Yale, and Draper.

Combination key safes are great for an easy but secure area to place small items of high value. They are easy to set up, as they require a 4 or 5 number combination to lock. The safe has a resettable code in case the password is forgotten.

Electronic safes are faster to operate than combination safes due to their keypad, rather than having to rotate the buttons. Our electronic safes have a minimum of 6 digits in their passwords, making them extremely difficult to break into by force or trying codes.

For more information about safes & cash boxes please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also stock a range of other security products like padlocks and key cabinets.

Safes & Cash Boxes

Master Lock Combination Key Safe 5401D
£22.20 Inc VAT £18.50 Ex VAT
Yale YSV/200/DB1 Digital Value Safe 310 x 200 x 200mm
£57.72 Inc VAT £48.10 Ex VAT
XTrade X2200001 Grey Combination Key Safe
£14.82 Inc VAT £12.35 Ex VAT
Sterling Key Safe, Sterling Key
As low as £20.64 Inc VAT £17.20 Ex VAT
Draper 38207 Cash Box, Medium
£16.24 Inc VAT £13.53 Ex VAT
Draper Electronic Safe
As low as £72.02 Inc VAT £60.02 Ex VAT
Draper 38206 Cash Box, Small
£13.10 Inc VAT £10.92 Ex VAT
Hoppe Arrone Combination Keysafe
£13.50 Inc VAT £11.25 Ex VAT
Locksmyth L2200003 Black Combination Key Safe
£14.82 Inc VAT £12.35 Ex VAT