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Brick Tongs (2)

Brick Tongs allow individuals to move more awkward or heavier bricks in a single go. They have full metal constructions with ergonomic handles, ensuring they are comfortable to hold when transporting materials. Our brick tongs are supplied by respected brands such as Silverline and Draper.

Our range of brick tongs features robust, durable lifting tongs that guarantee a long-lasting tool. Brick lifting tongs can often carry from around six bricks to 10, which significantly increases the efficiency of bricklaying. These tongs utilise a cantilever mechanism which means it uses a fixed end and a free end, to provide support in keeping the bricks stationary.

For more information regarding product specification and availability please click on the links below or contact our sales team. An extensive range of builders hand tools and other bricklaying tools are available.

Silverline 186821 Brick Tongs
£27.82 Inc VAT £23.18 Ex VAT
Draper 90002 Brick & Block Lifting Tongs
£20.87 Inc VAT £17.39 Ex VAT