Cable Laying Shovels (2)

Cable Laying Shovels are designed for digging holes suitable for laying live cables in and they are longer than other shovels. These shovels have insulating properties because of the nature of the work, and they are typically slightly narrower compared to other shovels and have lipped sides on the head. Our range includes top brands like Draper and Bulldog.

At C&W Berrys our cable-laying shovels are extremely durable and they have a solid connection between the head and the shaft, which further increases the strength and longevity of the shovel. These cable-laying shovels have ‘Y-Dee’ shaped handles for comfort and give the user the ability to operate the shovel for an extended period. The head tapers off towards the end which gives it the ability to penetrate extremely tough earth easily.

For more information regarding product specification and availability please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a vast range of alternative shovels for multiple purposes.

Cable Laying Shovels

Bulldog 5CLAM Cable Laying Shovel - All Metal Handle
£15.01 Inc VAT £12.51 Ex VAT
Draper 64330 Solid Forged Contractors Cable Laying Shovel
£28.45 Inc VAT £23.71 Ex VAT