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Support Props (4)

Support props are used in the construction industry and are used to support walls and ceilings while lintels, beams and RSJs are fitted and our support props are supplied by Strongboy, Walsall and Draper.

Within our range are telescopic support rods that are designed for when plasterboard is being installed on ceilings or sectioning rooms when building or painting and decorating is taking place. The two-section heavy-duty tubular construction incorporates a quick action ratchet mechanism and sliding lock pin.

Also within the selection is a chrome masonry support that is for hammering into a raked mortar and supported with a steel prop whilst the masonry is removed beneath it. It is simplistic, robust, cost-effective, and efficient.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. A large variety of builders hand tools are also available within our range.

Support Props

Walsall ACROW01 Size 1 Adjustable Steel Prop 1.7-3.12m
£45.01 Inc VAT £37.51 Ex VAT
Strongboy Chrome Masonry Support - No Handle
£45.12 Inc VAT £37.60 Ex VAT
Draper 88237 Pair of Quick Action Telescopic Support Rods
£72.56 Inc VAT £60.47 Ex VAT
Draper 59473 Pair of Telescopic Support Rods 1660 - 2800mm
£51.35 Inc VAT £42.79 Ex VAT