Tarpaulins (9)

Tarpaulin is an extremely versatile plastic sheet that can be used for either covering objects/materials or used as a ground sheet to prevent anything touching the floor and our selection is provided by quality brands like Draper.

Our range has tarpaulins of many different sizes to accommodate varying jobs and industries, and they can be secured with their eyelets using ropes, bungees or hooks. They are made from a waterproof synthetic material making them ideal for protection in a range of harsh weather like rain, snow, sun and wind. These versatile tarpaulins can be used either above or below materials or objects to protect them from the elements, making them ideal for taking to building sites, camping, farming and other outdoor areas.

Alongside tarpaulin sheets, we sell accessories used to secure them in place when being used on the floor such as ball bungees and cord. These are designed to go through the eyelets to create knots, firmly securing it to a fixed object to keep the sheet on the floor. If eyelets are not readily available on the sheet, we also sell eyelet grommet kits that can create eyelets from scratch. This kit includes the tools to make the hole, and the metal ring to prevent any ripping.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We supply a large range of other builders hand tools, for any job internal or external from top brands.


Ball Bungee 20cm Tarpaulin Ties (10 per Pack)
£3.53 Inc VAT £2.94 Ex VAT
Laminated Polyethylene Tarpaulin with Eyelets
As low as £8.70 Inc VAT £7.25 Ex VAT
Heavy Duty (Mono Cover) MT3 Tarpaulin - 4mtr x 6mtr
As low as £29.59 Inc VAT £24.66 Ex VAT
Draper 15085 12 Hook Bungee Cargo Net
£14.10 Inc VAT £11.75 Ex VAT
Draper 85665 Eyelet Grommet Kit
£7.56 Inc VAT £6.30 Ex VAT
Draper 13488 Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Tarpaulin 4 x 6m Green
£42.85 Inc VAT £35.71 Ex VAT
Draper TAR/HD Heavy Duty Polyethylene Tarpaulin
As low as £23.56 Inc VAT £19.63 Ex VAT
Draper TAR/A Polyethylene Tarpaulin
As low as £11.50 Inc VAT £9.58 Ex VAT
Draper 93670 Tarpaulin Cord Set (12 Piece)
£7.31 Inc VAT £6.09 Ex VAT