Tap & Die Sets (7)

Tap and die sets are used for re-threading and cleaning aluminium and mild steel components for domestic and commercial applications. A die is used to cut the male section whilst the taps are used to cut the threads from the female portion.

Generally manufactured from carbon steel and available in a range of sizes and designs from leading brands including Draper and Niglon and often supplied with the correct drill bit for tapping.

Our comprehensive range of rethreading sets offer the ability to cut internal and external threads onto mild steel or aluminium components to allow them to be efficiently joined together via screwing action. Taps and die cutting tools are able to create threads on components including bolts, nuts and screws and are commonly used by mechanics, craftsmen including metal and woodworkers

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Tapping Set

Niglon SDG1 20mm & 25mm Stock & Die Set
£46.20 Inc VAT £38.50 Ex VAT
Draper 79201 Metric Tap and Die Set - 10 Piece
£16.10 Inc VAT £13.42 Ex VAT
Draper 83234 21 piece Metric Tap & Die Set
£30.74 Inc VAT £25.62 Ex VAT
Draper 79203 Tap & Die Set - 37 Piece
£63.76 Inc VAT £53.13 Ex VAT
Draper 79204 Tap & Die Set - 52 Piece
£107.32 Inc VAT £89.43 Ex VAT
Draper 79205 Combination Tap and Die Set Metric/BSP - 76 Piece
£105.28 Inc VAT £87.73 Ex VAT
Draper 18523 Metric Tap & Die Set - 45 Piece
£118.31 Inc VAT £98.59 Ex VAT