Inspection Cameras (3)

Our range of inspection cameras are designed to be threaded into inaccessible areas with flexible cable to allow visual inspection.

Selected from leading brand Draper for use in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating and building fields. These versatile high-performance waterproof cameras are engineered to provide excellent visual capacity in the most challenging of spaces including air conditioning units, pipework and vents.

Generally featuring a padded ergonomic grip for comfortable extended use paired with compact screen or wireless phone or tablet communication and super bright LED lights to help illuminate the darkest of inaccessible areas.

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Borescope Inspection

Draper 91648 Wi-Fi Endoscope Inspection Camera
£27.59 Inc VAT £22.99 Ex VAT
Draper 92577 Inspection Camera
£109.07 Inc VAT £90.89 Ex VAT
Draper 92578 Rechargeable Pistol Grip Borescope
£221.70 Inc VAT £184.75 Ex VAT