Snap Off Knives & Blades 9mm (4)

Snap off knives and blades (9mm) are used for general purpose cutting typically involving decorating, packaging, and crafts as well as efficient foam cutting.

Available from leading brands including Komelon, Stanley and Draper with durable plastic handle and snap-off segmented retractable blade for slicing weaker materials whilst allowing safe storage when not in use.

Designed to provide a small, sharp rust-resistant blade with autolock push button operation that once blunt, can simply be broken off with pliers to expose a new sharper edge to offer long-lasting durability and a consistently high performing sharp cutting 9mm blade.

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Snap off Blade Knife

Stanley 0-10-150  9mm Snap Off Knife
£2.22 Inc VAT £1.85 Ex VAT
Komelon SB4-10 9mm snap -Off Knife Blades (Pack of 10)
£2.99 Inc VAT £2.49 Ex VAT
Komelon SNB-A4 9mm Snap-Off Blade Knife
£5.28 Inc VAT £4.40 Ex VAT
Draper 67675 Redline 9mm Retractable Segment Blade Knife
£1.61 Inc VAT £1.34 Ex VAT