Specialist Knives (6)

Our specialist knives cover a large variety of needs and applications, from arts and crafts to leatherwork, and they are supplied by leading brands such as Ceka and Draper.

Safety knives are for daily use and they can be used at home or at the workplace and they have different names such as safety cutters, box cutters, utility knives etc. Another type of specialist knife is the leather knife, these have a strong straight blade and a wooden handle to cope with the strain of leather working. Finally, we offer excellent packaging cutters that have a shielded blade which provides complete safety for the user.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a range of other knives, that can be used in multiple industries.

Specialist Knives

Ceka 0969 Safety Knife
£7.69 Inc VAT £6.41 Ex VAT
Draper 32398 Pocket Multi Tool
£14.00 Inc VAT £11.67 Ex VAT
Draper 93067 Shoe or Leather Knife with Belt Holster 115mm
£9.61 Inc VAT £8.01 Ex VAT
Draper 80201 Shoe or Leather Knife 115mm
£4.99 Inc VAT £4.16 Ex VAT
Draper 24308 Expert Packaging Cutter
£6.53 Inc VAT £5.44 Ex VAT
Draper 90503 Packaging Cutter
£3.30 Inc VAT £2.75 Ex VAT