Angle Measures (6)

Angle Measures, otherwise known as angle finders are used in many industries such as construction, woodworking, and machining. We have a large variety of tools for angle measurements, some examples are protractors, mitre angles, angle duplicators and inclinometers. These tools are supplied by top brands in the industry such as Draper, Tracer, Faithfull and Trend.

Angle measures are sold in various shapes and sizes so the correct one can always be found. The range includes digital angle rules, mitre saw protractors available in different materials. Plastic angle finders are lightweight and portable, metal or cast iron measurers are more durable and ideal for tougher working environments, this makes choosing an angle measure tool easy. All of our supplied products have clear and succinct markings or displays resulting in extremely efficient readings, increasing the overall speed of a job.

For more information regarding product specifications and availability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. An extensive range of other marking-out tools are available, as well as more specialist measures such as roofing squares.

Angle Measures

Faithfull Prestige FAIMSPCNC Mitre Saw Protractor
£29.41 Inc VAT £24.51 Ex VAT
Trend DAR Digital Angle Rule
As low as £28.94 Inc VAT £24.12 Ex VAT
Bora 530401 MiterX Angle Duplicator
£40.34 Inc VAT £33.62 Ex VAT
Silverline 250471 Inclinometer
£7.13 Inc VAT £5.94 Ex VAT
Faithfull Prestige FAIGAUGECNC Angle Gauge
£17.17 Inc VAT £14.31 Ex VAT
Draper 37342 Protractor with Depth Gauge
£15.00 Inc VAT £12.50 Ex VAT