Metal Rules (8)

Metal rules are a staple in the toolboxes and workshops of every type of tradesman due to their versatility and usability. They provide a more reliable, durable service than rules of other materials and can be relied on for their excellent precision and are supplied by top brands such as Faithfull and Draper.

All of our metal rules have pinpoint precision and multiple units of measure; imperial and metric, meaning there is no confusion, and we have these in varying metals such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We also stock triscale rules which have three sides that have the ability to measure in more units, further increasing the versatility and effectiveness. Metal rules can be used to draw perfectly straight lines, and the metal material means they are more resistant to breaking and chipping.

For more information regarding specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply folding rules, for when more flexibility is required.

Metal Rules

Faithfull FAIRULETRI Triangular Scale Rule
£3.53 Inc VAT £2.94 Ex VAT
Berry 6" Stainless Steel Rule
£2.28 Inc VAT £1.90 Ex VAT
Faithfull Prestige FAIRULETACNC Triscale Architect Rule
£11.83 Inc VAT £9.86 Ex VAT
Advent ASR Precision Steel Rule
As low as £3.52 Inc VAT £2.93 Ex VAT
Draper D17/D18 Steel Rule
As low as £3.74 Inc VAT £3.12 Ex VAT
Draper D19 Aluminium Rule
As low as £3.41 Inc VAT £2.84 Ex VAT
Draper SSRB Stainless Steel Rule
As low as £4.13 Inc VAT £3.44 Ex VAT
Draper 17686 Aluminium Triangle Scale Rule, 300mm
£6.14 Inc VAT £5.12 Ex VAT