Hawks & Mixer Boards (8)

Hawks and mixer boards for builders, decorators and plasterers are designed to carry mortar, plaster or similar matter to ensure it remains easily accessible for efficient application.

Available in a range of materials, sizes and designs that feature a board with perpendicular, often detachable, ergonomic handle for comfortable extended use with optional clever callous protector.

We offer an excellent selection of hawks and mixer boards from leading brands including Tayler, Ox and Marshalltown that provide strength, durability and versatility. Offering the convenience of taking mortar or plaster to different work surfaces whilst encouraging easy application via trowel.

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Plasterer Hawk

Tayler TAY-20152 Decorators Hawk - 152 x 152mm
£6.16 Inc VAT £5.13 Ex VAT
OX Poly Hawk
£16.55 Inc VAT £13.79 Ex VAT
RST RTR401 Plasterers Hawk - 12" x 12"
£19.73 Inc VAT £16.44 Ex VAT
Marshalltown M2 Plasterers Aluminium Hawk 13.5 x 13.5
£41.34 Inc VAT £34.45 Ex VAT
Draper 68499 ABS Plasterer's Hawk
£7.80 Inc VAT £6.50 Ex VAT
Draper 40938 ABS Plasterer's Hawk - 330 x 330mm
£8.82 Inc VAT £7.35 Ex VAT
Draper 81314 Aluminium Plasterer's Hawk
£19.42 Inc VAT £16.18 Ex VAT
Draper 31937 Mortar Mixing Board - 950 x 950 x 70mm
£27.62 Inc VAT £23.02 Ex VAT