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Plastic Floats (6)

Plastic floats are used for applying spreading materials such as concrete, cement and plaster. They are mostly manufactured with polyurethane as it is non-absorbent, ensuring a smooth finish and preventing material from entering the float. Plastic floats have an ergonomic handle which allows them to be used for extended periods of time without causing strain on the users hands.

At C&W Berry we stock the best quality plastic floats from leading brands such as Draper, OX and Schwan. As well as fully plastic trowels we have sponge-faced variations for applications like cleaning the surfaces of bricks after pointing. The sponge is easy to clean once used but is strong enough to withstand tough work.

For more information regarding product specifications and uses, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a range of trowels and hawks, ensuring that the correct tool can be found for the job.

Plastic Floats

Schwan SCH-5225028  280mm x 130mm Acid Resistant Plastic Float
£7.76 Inc VAT £6.47 Ex VAT
Schwan ABS Float 280mm x 130mm
£7.45 Inc VAT £6.21 Ex VAT
OX Poly Float
As low as £6.86 Inc VAT £5.72 Ex VAT
Draper 22333 280mm Plastering Float
£7.10 Inc VAT £5.92 Ex VAT
Draper 26191 Deep Sponge Face Float - 280 x 140 x 20mm
£11.81 Inc VAT £9.84 Ex VAT
Draper T106 Polyurethane Float
As low as £6.43 Inc VAT £5.36 Ex VAT