Tyre Changers (9)

Tyre changers are designed to make detaching a wheel and tyre easy. They work by clamping the wheel down and rotating the tyre whilst prying them apart without damaging both components and our range is supplied by industry-leading brand Draper.

We have a range of products within this category such as changers with an assist arm, changer and balancer bundles, manual tyre changers and semi-automatic tyre changers. They are powered by a fully motorised turntable and they are fitted with pneumatically operated clamping jaws and a bead breaker that is attached with a large anti-skid rubber pad, which preserves the tyres and rims.

The Draper tyre changers are particularly gentle with alloy rims as the mounting head is provided with plastic protectors and the self-centering four-jaw chuck is controlled by two clamping cylinders which guarantee wheel rims are correctly clamped.

The manual tyre changer is ultra-portable and ideal for use on-site or at home and is a must-have kit for professional and DIY mechanics. They are suitable for most open-centered wheels and the kit includes a bead breaker and tyre iron. It has an all-steel construction, making it extremely durable, but still portable enough to be suitable for home or garage.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We stock a large variety of other mechanics hand tools, necessities for any garage or DIY mechanic.

Tyre Changers

Draper 02152 Tyre Changer with Assist Arm & Wheel Balancer Kit
£3,357.90 Inc VAT £2,798.25 Ex VAT
Draper 16235 Tyre Changer & Wheel Balancer Kit
£2,714.28 Inc VAT £2,261.90 Ex VAT
Draper 78612 Semi Automatic Tyre Changer with Assist Arm
£2,580.82 Inc VAT £2,150.68 Ex VAT
Draper 81645 Semi Automatic Tyre Changer
£1,776.19 Inc VAT £1,480.16 Ex VAT
Draper 16395 Manual Tyre Changer
£151.14 Inc VAT £125.95 Ex VAT
Elora 25416 Speed Brace 1/2" Square Drive 380mm
£30.66 Inc VAT £25.55 Ex VAT
Elora 00179 Speed Brace 3/8" Square Drive 345mm
£28.86 Inc VAT £24.05 Ex VAT
Draper 31495 Tyre Levers 450mm (Pack of 2)
£24.56 Inc VAT £20.47 Ex VAT
Elora 165 Tyre Lever
As low as £27.23 Inc VAT £22.69 Ex VAT