Welders are commonly used in fabrication and automotive applications to join two pieces of metal together by melting them at very high temperatures. At C&W Berry Ltd, we supply a wide range of high-quality welders exclusively manufactured by Draper Tools.

Whether you're looking for a MIG welder (also referred to as a GMAW) to perform clean welds on bodywork, a cost effective, portable ARC welder ideal for on-site work, or a lightweight TIG welder that is ideally suited for welding ferrous metals in light fabrication processes, we have the welder for you.

Suitable for use by experienced DIY enthusiasts, mechanics or professional tradesman, all our welders are supplied with an earthing clamp, welding torch / brush and a series of accessories such as 1kg spool of welding wire (dependent on type). For more information regarding product specification and availability, please click on the links below.

MIG, Arc & TIG Welders

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