Stop Tap & Hydrant Keys (7)

Stop tap & hydrant keys are designed for turning the water supply off and on and our range will fit a variety of different-sizes stopcock valves. These are supplied by different reputable brands such as Plasson, Todays Tools and Draper.

Our stop tap keys are ideal for reaching stop taps that are in harder-to-reach areas, and they suit multiple different stop tap heads, making them extremely versatile. They are manufactured from strong metal, making them durable and guaranteeing a long lifecycle.

Also within our range are stoptaps, which are used for stopping water flow through HDPE and MDPE irrigation pipes and are suitable for above and below-ground use and available in multiple sizes.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply other plumbing hand tools ideal for both internal and external applications.

Stop Tap & Hydrant Keys

Monument 339C Multi Stop Tap Key 42"
£17.65 Inc VAT £14.71 Ex VAT
Monument Tools 3298R Hydrant Valve Key
£32.72 Inc VAT £27.27 Ex VAT
Todays STK Tools Multi Stop Tap Key - 3/8" - 3/4"
£15.22 Inc VAT £12.68 Ex VAT
Plasson Stoptap
As low as £26.15 Inc VAT £21.79 Ex VAT
Draper 26420 Combination Stop Cock Key
£26.68 Inc VAT £22.23 Ex VAT
Grade 'B' Ductile Iron Stop Tap Surface Box
£38.65 Inc VAT £32.21 Ex VAT
Wyndam  Universal Stop Cock Key 34"
£22.43 Inc VAT £18.69 Ex VAT