Tyrol Machines (2)

Tyrol machines are used for the even spreading of Tyrolean coating on interior or exterior walls. Tyrolean render helps to strengthen the exterior bricks or masonry from the harsh elements it may face whilst giving the property a stunning final finish. Our tyrol machines are supplied by top brands like Draper and Faithfull.

Tyrolean render is often made from a mixture of lime, cement, sand and water and can be evenly spread using a tyrol machine. Our range includes good-quality, easy-to-use machines that guarantee an even coat. Our machines utilise lots of ‘blades’, dispersing more material at a time, finishing the job quicker.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a range of other decorating tools, for both internal and external use.

Tyrol Machines

Faithfull FAIFLIK Tyrolean Finish Gun
£42.49 Inc VAT £35.41 Ex VAT
Draper Tyrolean Flicker Machine
£84.78 Inc VAT £70.65 Ex VAT