Wire Wool (6)

Our group of different grade wire wools are ideal for cleaning glass, brass and paint removal whilst often used with a chemical stripper to efficiently clean tiles and remove stubborn stains. 

Wire wool comprises very fine and flexible sharp-edged steel filaments to make ease of any scrubbing work. Highly effective when applying wax to turned legs and feet whilst able to dull a surface prior to waxing or achieve a satin finish.

Suitable for use in restricted spaces with the ability to clean copper and prepare metal surfaces including car bodywork, clean cookware and prepare copper pipes for soldering. 

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Steel Wire Wool

Trollull 200g Premium Wire Wool
£2.00 Inc VAT £1.67 Ex VAT
Clipper 450g Medium Wire Wool
£2.51 Inc VAT £2.09 Ex VAT
Oakey Medium Steel 200g Wool Roll
£4.51 Inc VAT £3.76 Ex VAT
Draper 82580 150g Medium/Fine Grade 0 Wire Wool
£3.66 Inc VAT £3.05 Ex VAT
Draper 82581 150g Wire Wool Fine Grade 00
£3.83 Inc VAT £3.19 Ex VAT
Faithfull Wire Wool – 200g Pack
As low as £4.00 Inc VAT £3.33 Ex VAT