Thermometer (2)

Our selection of internal or external thermometers allow the safe monitoring of temperature fluctuations over short or prolonged periods in classrooms, workplaces, garages, hospitals, offices and the home.

Available from leading brands Draper and Brannan and supplied in a range of types including portable infra-red with pyrometric sensor, to monitor the temperature of electrical motors exhausts and radiators without contact, and more conventional wall-hung mercury-in-glass type, for indoor and outdoor temperature measurement.

Compact and easy-to-use and suitable for domestic and commercial applications with clear and precise digital or scale readings they can offer a definitive temperature guide that provides accuracy, sensitivity, versatility, readability and convenient temperature measurement. 

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Thermometer Reading

Brannan 653631 Budget Thermometer
£4.02 Inc VAT £3.35 Ex VAT
Draper 15101 Infrared Thermometer
£26.59 Inc VAT £22.16 Ex VAT