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Jeff Cottrell - Dentist & Apartments

Berkeley Building & Construction - Dental Surgery & Apartments Build

A domestic and commercial construction - combining a high-spec dental surgery with five, premium apartments - built with materials from C&W Berry

Jeff Cottrell of Berkeley Building & Construction is building a brand new dental surgery with five apartments above. We interviewed him to find out why he uses C&W Berry to source his materials, the products he used, and how others can benefit from using C&W Berry.

We interviewed local builder, Jeff Cottrell, from Berkeley Building & Construction Ltd, who has been a loyal customer of C&W Berry for the last 40 years. He is currently building a mixed-use domestic and commercial development in the heart of Chorley, Lancashire.

This large 3-storey building with ample rear parking area will be a dentist on the ground floor with five premium apartments above. All the floors are block and beam and are required to comply with robust details so are constructed of heavy materials with excellent soundproofing. One of our grab wagons was able to deliver these directly by accessing the restricted site area.

Jeff sourced 70-80% of his materials from C&W Berry for this unique build, choosing us because of his long-standing relationship with our company, the highly competitive prices and excellent service he always receives. The proximity of our 40-acre site makes us the ideal supplier for most of his builds, and the fact we hold ourselves to the highest standards and values further reinforces our trusted connection with customers like Jeff.

Jeff first visited C&W Berry with his father as a 14-year-old and has forged an excellent relationship with our team – many of whom are ex-tradesmen themselves and are able to offer a unique level of understanding, insight and solutions to the most challenging of builds.

Jeff’s small team generally complete around 10 projects a year which range from extensions, larger groundwork projects, landscaping and large builds like this one. As time is money, he appreciates that C&W Berry can offer a comprehensive one-stop shop so it is always his first port of call.

Products Used For This Build

Building BlocksBuilding Blocks
Electrical SuppliesElectrical Supplies
Hand ToolsHand Tools
Membranes & BarriersMembranes & Barriers
Portland CementPortland Cement
Power ToolsPower Tools
Sheet MaterialsSheet Materials
Structural IronmongeryStructural Ironmongery

Tell us a bit about this build?

It’s a dental surgery on the ground floor and five apartments above. And it’s quite a lump as you can see. All the floors are concrete block and beam and it has to comply with what we call robust details for all the soundproofing so all the materials are really heavy so that it complies and it will pass its test at the end of the, at the end of the job.

Why did you choose C&W Berry to supply all the materials?

We’ve been working with C&W Berry for, well, I first went in C&W Berry when I was about 14 and I’m 57 now. My dad was a builder before me – back in the old days when it was Colin and Walter. So, yeah we’ve been going in such a long time. We’ve got a great relationship with them, all the lads there. And they give a great service, always competitive on price, but the after service is what we go for. If there’s anything wrong they’ll sort it out and I tell everybody that.

What percentage of your materials come from C&W Berry?

About 70/80% of our materials are from Berrys. The big bulk of the cost will be – probably more than that… But Berrys, just for convenience as well, because you get used to it… and then, like I say, we’ve always had a great service with them.

What is the estimated build time for this project?

This one here, this is going to take us probably 14 months before we’re done. We started in February because we had a building to demolish, a lot of ground works. Then we had a bit of a stop because of a planning issue… and because we’re just a small team and do, you know, manage and are hands on all of us.

How many projects do you complete on average per year?

Probably about 10, including extensions, larger ground work, landscaping and ground work jobs. But yeah, probably about ten. That’s it.

What is your next project?

I think it’ll probably be building a house. I’ve got a plot of building land, I’ve built a house last year, which again, Berry’s supplied most of the gear. And we’ve got a bungalow on the plot next door which I’m gonna knock down and I’m going to build another house on there, which will be ..probably I’m going to move into that one.

Would you recommend C&W Berry?

Of course. I always do.