Phil Syms - Multi-Million Pound Home

Phil Syms - Multi-Million Pound Home with Landscaped Gardens

This high-end, private, domestic dwelling combines premium materials with intricate detailing to create a unique home in the heart of rural Lancashire - built with materials from C&W Berry.

Phil Syms is building a multi-million pound home with a team of highly skilled construction workers. We interviewed one of his team to find out why they use C&W Berry to source their materials, the products they used, and how others can benefit from using C&W Berry.

We interviewed local builder, Phil Syms, and his team who have been loyal customers of C&W Berry for the last 30 years. He is currently building this premium domestic development in Lancashire.

This large private build in the heart of Croston will be extensively landscaped with a range of multi-use outhouses to be scattered throughout the extensive grounds. The premium rustic brickwork features extensive decorative options including a distinctive bullseye window that further adds intrigue and interest on this high-end construction. 

Phil currently has two very large projects running simultaneously and appreciates the fact we offer speedy grab wagon delivery, paired with a wide selection of competitively priced materials.

For this remarkable project, Phil sourced around 80% of his materials from C&W Berry, including roofing slates, blocks and decorative brick. The proximity of our 40-acre site to this build is one of the reasons why Phil chooses C&W Berry to source materials. Coupled with our staff – many of whom are ex-tradesmen themselves – and the wide range of quality products we offer, C&W Berry remains the #1 choice for Phil when sourcing building materials.

The friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff paired with optimum value were one of the main reasons C&W Berry remain the first choice for Phil and his team on unique builds like this.

Products Used For This Build

Building BlocksBuilding Blocks
Electrical SuppliesElectrical Supplies
Hand ToolsHand Tools
Membranes & BarriersMembranes & Barriers
Portland CementPortland Cement
Power ToolsPower Tools
Sheet MaterialsSheet Materials
Structural IronmongeryStructural Ironmongery

Tell us a bit about this build?

Well this is a private build. It’s quite a nice job because we get to do some decorative that, on the big housing sites, you don’t get to do a lot of these days. So we’ve got a nice bullseye window that we’ve put in. Nice materials. Much nicer decorative brick with a rustic finish that are just a bit more interesting to lay than the bog standard that you get on the big housing sites.

Why did you choose C&W Berry to supply all the materials?

Berrys is local to us so it is nice to just be able to nip down the road and grab a few bits and bobs that we’ve forgotten. Normally it is good, speedy delivery and quality materials.

It’s always a quality service from C&W Berry. They’re always really friendly and helpful. They’ll often walk around with you to show you where things are and show you the selection that they’ve got to offer, and good value as well.

A lot of the staff when you’re walking round are ex-tradesmen. They know what the materials are. They know what they’re used for. If you’re asking for something they always know what you’re on about and can direct you where you need to go.

What percentage of your materials come from C&W Berry?

So for this project I think about 80% of all the materials are from C&W Berry.

What is the most challenging aspect of this build?

The hardest thing about this build is that, because it’s such a high quality, high standard of build, it’s gauging time-wise how long to spend on a task and making sure the quality is right but without taking too long that you’re not getting the progress that you need for each day and throughout the week. So it’s that kind of balance of time and quality to suit progress.

How many projects do you complete on average per year?

At the moment we’ve got two very large projects and we’re using C&W Berry for both of those projects for a lot of the materials. That’s just in the past 6 months. Going forward we might be on this a little while doing outbuildings so there’ll be plenty more to build using C&W Berry as a main supplier.

What is your next project?

We’re going to do some drainage and landscaping on this project but we have a renovation down the road here. Again, very local to Berrys. It’s handy using Berrys because it is so local and it’s such a good place to go.

Would you recommend C&W Berry?

I would definitely recommend Berrys for all of the reasons I’ve already stated. Just having a such a wide selection of materials, having staff that know the products that they’re selling and can definitely guide you to make an informed decision. It’s all you can ask for from a supplier.