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The Walker Bathroom

The Walker Bathroom

This minimalist bathroom with its quirky geometric tiles and multi-functional smart toilet is the ideal space for a growing family: perfect for children, whilst remaining a relaxing haven for mum and dad.

Nicky Walker's bathroom embraces innovative design features that maximise the space whilst offering a practical functionality that will support their family's changing requirements. This ultra-modern bathroom embraces the warmth of the wooden floor with easy-to-clean, premium wall tiles to achieve a clean, bright bathroom space. We were keen to find out just why they chose Berry Bathrooms to design their new bathroom and why they would recommend us.

Berry Bathrooms Case Study

Tell us about your project – what was the catalyst for change?

So we bought the house about 11 years ago and the bathroom in the house was still, I would say, quite old fashioned. It was very 1990s but also in quite a state of disrepair. We had old laminate flooring and an Artex ceiling. It really, really needed modernising.

Plus, when we moved in, we only had one child. Now we have a bigger family. And the bathroom was also quite small as a main bathroom. So the dream was to modernise it and make it slightly bigger – to just suit the family better, basically.

Why did you choose Berry Bathrooms?

So I’d been around other bathroom showrooms in the area and I think really for me, when I walked into Berry Bathrooms, it was just so different. It was unique. It was quirky. It was modern. Even as you walk in through the entrance hall it grabbed my attention.

And then, as I saw the whole showroom, I thought it was just different to the other showrooms because it’s not just your typical greys and beiges. It was current. It was everything I’d been looking at on Pinterest. It had those new, quirky ideas and so, it felt like a step up from the other showrooms in terms of style. But it was also a reasonable price. So for me that was it.

Plus, the fact that I thought the staff were just really, really welcoming. They just seemed like they could give you all their time. So 100% Berry Bathrooms.

What kind of style and finish did you want to achieve?

To be honest, I spent quite a lot of time on Pinterest and I have a good idea of what I like but I’m not very good at making decisions on interior design. It’s not my thing. So I really needed some help with this. And the idea was to just make it brighter, more modern and cleaner. But I definitely needed help in this area.

The Walker Bathroom

The Walker Bathroom - Image 1The Walker Bathroom - Image 1
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How helpful were the design team at Berry Bathrooms?

I would say, right from the start, Michaela and Louise were fantastic. They really, really made me feel like I could spend as much time as I needed. I always feel a little bit rushed with things usually but they really made me relax and they were very, very knowledgeable. And the one thing I struggle with, I think they picked up on this, is the fact that I just find it so hard to make a decision. Because we have all the catalogues but the tiles I had narrowed down to like a mottled tile versus the geometric tile, which we actually went for. And I was leaning towards the mottled tile because it was safer. But the girls really helped me decide on those geometric tiles and I just think they’re absolutely beautiful. And I am so glad now that I didn’t go with that original idea. 

Also, John helped us out in terms of the taps and the shower head, deciding it was to be in brushed nickel which was just a little bit different. But we had a problem with the shower screen and getting it in a brushed nickel to match the rest of the Vado taps and shower heads. There was a beautiful shower screen in the showroom though which he pointed us to, and this was really helpful because, online, it was really difficult to find. 

So the fact that they were patient, they just took the time to help me make decisions which maybe I wouldn’t have done. And I am so happy that I chose the ones that I did because I probably needed to be a little bit braver and bolder and not just go back into the usual patterns of things that I do. So, the fact that they gave me all that time and I was able to walk around the showroom, I was shown different aspects like the various shower heads and how they worked… I changed my mind a few times and again, they were absolutely fine with that. And even things like how the bathroom was going to look in terms of feasibility. We had to move a door to make room for the bath that we wanted, and we even had to take out quite a large cupboard to make the room look bigger. So the time that was spent on that – and I would never have thought of doing these things – was just incredible. 

Would you recommend Berry Bathrooms?

So because of the experience that I had and the results we got, I have recommended it to everyone that I’ve met. Anyone that’s even remotely interested in getting a new bathroom. The whole experience for me was brilliant so I’d highly, highly recommend Berry Bathrooms. Absolutely.

How did Virtual Worlds help you in envisioning your bathroom?

Envisioning the bathroom is something that I really struggled with. I can’t put the bits together and then I almost torment myself with having to just conceptualise it. So the Virtual Worlds for me was just so helpful. And actually, it helped me decide what I didn’t want and what I didn’t need. So in part of the showroom, there was this beautiful vanity unit and I had the idea of putting it with mottled tiles.

It wasn’t until I saw everything on Virtual Worlds though that I realised it just didn’t seem to work. And actually, the girls had told me that they thought maybe the geometric tiles that we have would work much better. So their help and advice, plus the Virtual Worlds, was just incredible. And at least I could conceptualise it in a visual way. And because of this I worried less. Because I worry, you know, about what it’s going to look like. And I didn’t have to have those worries. I could see that it was just going to work and it was just going to be brilliant.

It was Paul who originally asked if I’d like to see the bathroom in Virtual Worlds and he presented it to me and took the time to put it all together. He was really helpful and lovely. Lovely guy.

Would you recommend the installer you used from our list of recommended tradesmen?

So we had Mark Griffith from Meta Heating. And I can honestly say he is so hardworking. He spends so much time, above and beyond. He worked late into the evenings. He was fantastic at speaking to us about the feasibility of moving the cupboard and all the parts that I don’t have knowledge of. So I just thought he was so knowledgeable and a nice guy. Brilliant.

To find out more about Meta Heating Ltd, please visit the company's Instagram account.

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