The Whittle Bathroom

The Whittle Bathroom

Modern and contemporary with floor-to-ceiling marble tiles and a built-in shower seat, this compact bathroom maximises space and is designed to support changes in mobility

Ian and Pamela Whittle wanted a striking, contemporary bathroom which would work for them long into their silver years. With this in mind, we designed a bright, clean space which made their compact room look bigger, and fit a walk-in shower with built-in shower seat to support their changing requirements. We interviewed Mr and Mrs Whittle to find out why they chose Berry Bathrooms to design their new bathroom, and why they would recommend us.

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Tell us about your project – what was the catalyst for change?

Ian: The bathroom we had was basically just a cubicle shower. It was 40 years old so it had come to the end of its life, well and truly. I do like to get my money’s worth out of it. But we’ve had the rest of the house done up… every room has been done, so now the bathroom was the last one to complete.

Why did you choose Berry Bathrooms?

Ian: We’ve used loads of stuff from Berrys. Even outside where we’ve got an outbuilding, everything was from Berrys. And the drivers, we got to know them when they all came here. They all hated it because they couldn’t get their wagons down the street for parked cars, but they got in eventually!

Since we’ve used Berrys for lots of jobs in the past, it was a natural decision. We were always very happy with them when we’ve bought things from C&W Berry in the past… and then, one day, we happened to just spot this Berry Bathrooms, which we’d never heard of. It was brand new apparently – in fact, we went on the day they opened it, looked round, and decided we were quite happy and they were going to have what we wanted.

What kind of style and finish did you want to achieve?

Ian: We were looking for something more modern, easier for us to use, with some sparkle in it! 

Pamela: Myself I love bling, so I knew I wanted some bling in it. Anyway, we met Louise and I told her what I wanted and she drew a plan of our bathroom, which is very small and we needed loads of space to get in and out. So she ended up planning it all, which we were very happy about. And of course, I added my bling to it! So I was so happy with the results when it was finished. I can’t praise Berrys enough.

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Preliminary Designs & Renders

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How helpful were the design team at Berry Bathrooms?

Ian: The design team were very helpful. Louise would do anything we wanted. She’d change things and put it in one way and then a different way. The amount of time that Pamela changed her mind on what it was she wanted because she’d seen something else. "Look at that one over there!" So Louise was backwards and forwards changing the design around to get everything in.

And then Louise came up with the idea of the screen, the opening folding screen, because that was a problem that we had. We thought we were going to have a fixed screen, which you’d sort of have to shuffle through sideways. But no, Louise said, "I know what you can use, it’s a folding screen." Whatever we asked for, Louise came up with something. If we were struggling to come up with something, Louise sorted it.

Would you recommend Berry Bathrooms?

Ian: Definitely we’d recommend them... I mean, they’ve got really good choice and the quality is there. Definitely. It’s just standard C&W Berry quality and the new bathroom showroom seems to be following suit.

Our builder was happy with them, so yes, I’d recommend Berry Bathrooms to anybody and everybody. In fact, everyone who knows us knows that we’re having our bathroom done and they keep asking what it’s like. We’ve told them they couldn’t come and see until it was finished… but I said, "if you’re thinking of a bathroom, go with Berrys."

Would you recommend the installer you used from our list of recommended tradesmen?

Ian: We had already selected Sean from Hall’s Home Improvements & Renovations Ltd to complete the installation. And he said, "I work with Berrys, they’re great, no trouble at all." So that was sorted. Everybody was happy with Berrys. And Sean wants his customers to be happy with what he does.

Pamela: Every day he’d say, "are you happy with this bit?" He kept taking us in to make sure we were happy.

To find out more about Hall's Home Improvements & Renovations, please visit the company's Instagram account.

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