Paving Compounds & Supports (8)

At C&W Berry Ltd, our range of paving compounds are typically used to joint patios, pathways, and driveways and ensure a high-quality, professional finish. Commonly utilised as an alternative to traditional sand and cement mixes, jointing compounds provide a quick and straightforward solution to point paving flags and blocks. They are popular with both tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts and are suitable for use on decorative concrete paving, utility paving and sandstone.

Manufactured by industry leading brands such as Resiply and Sika Everbuild, our selection is available in variety of complementary and contrasting colours. Unlike sand and cement, patio grout compounds do not shrink or crack over time and ensure excellent year-round durability. They are water permeable, provide a natural barrier against weed growth, and can be applied in all weather conditions (even when it is raining).

For more information regarding product specification and availability of our paving compounds and supports, including information on how they are applied and curing times, please click on the product variants below. Additionally, a selection of paving supports and elevating shims designed to provide a more level surface on uneven sub-bases are also available.

Paving Grout & Jointing Compounds

Resiply Residual Dual Resin Jointing Compound - 20Kg Tub
As low as £56.34 Inc VAT £46.95 Ex VAT
Pavestone Pointfix Jointing Compound - 12Kg
As low as £37.22 Inc VAT £31.02 Ex VAT
Pavestone Cement & Grout Residue Remover - 1 Litre
£21.46 Inc VAT £17.88 Ex VAT
Sika FastFix All Weather Paving Jointing Compound
As low as £27.00 Inc VAT £22.50 Ex VAT
Caro Paving Supports - 175mm Diameter x 15mm
£0.79 Inc VAT £0.66 Ex VAT
Caro Paving Support - 175 x 15mm (Box of 140)
£103.73 Inc VAT £86.44 Ex VAT
Caro Paving Support Elevating Shim - 175 x 2mm
£0.44 Inc VAT £0.37 Ex VAT
Caro Paving Support Elevating Shim - 175 x 2mm (Box of 100)
£43.98 Inc VAT £36.65 Ex VAT