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Pond Equipment (1)

Our range of pond equipment is designed for use in artificial ecosystems and will help to maintain water clarity by removing impurities for lower maintenance, improved aesthetics and optimal usage.

Available from leading brand Draper, our selection of pond tools offer the ability to remove dirt and leaves from pools and ponds often using a form of filtration system with a range of adaptors. Generally constructed from lightweight yet strong and durable materials to ensure your outdoor water area can be efficiently maintained and cleaned.

Offering practical design with ease of use with the ability to remove dirt, debris and harmful waste from most pools and ponds, often with a telescopic ergonomic handle for comfortable extendable use and skimming net to allow surface debris retrieval to prevent blocked pumps, filters and improve water clarity. 

For more information regarding our range of products or if you require any advice please telephone our main sales line on 01772 431 216 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Pond Care

Draper 10000 Pond and Pool Vacuum Cleaning Kit - 4 Piece
£26.70 Inc VAT £22.25 Ex VAT