Geotextile Membrane (6)

Choose your Geotextile Membrane, from our range, select from permeable polypropylene or polyester fabric to create a tension surface strengthening soil within your garden. To filter, reinforce, drain and separate, supporting and protecting roads, paving, retaining structures, embankments and carparks. Acting as a barrier while still enabling drainage through. Types include woven, nonwoven and weed control fabric. Weed control allows growth to be inhibited or targeted within garden areas. GeoGrid is a material with strong tension, designed to reinforce subsoils and retaining walls.

Landtex Weed Control Fabric - 15 x 1 Metre
£11.11 Inc VAT £9.26 Ex VAT
Landtex Weed Control Fabric - 25 x 2 Metres
£31.92 Inc VAT £26.60 Ex VAT
Fastrack 609 Woven Geotextile
As low as £38.15 Inc VAT £31.79 Ex VAT
Multitrack NW8 Non-Woven Geotextile
As low as £53.57 Inc VAT £44.64 Ex VAT
Tensar SS20 GeoGrid - 4 x 75 Meter
£464.65 Inc VAT £387.21 Ex VAT
Extrafix Weed Control Fabric Plastic Fixing Peg
£5.30 Inc VAT £4.42 Ex VAT