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Bypass Valves (4)

Stabilise the circulation, flow rate and pressure in a heating system with our angled and straight auto by-pass valves.

Designed to prevent the pump from working against a closed circuit when the two port control valves or thermostatic radiator valves are closed whilst easily adjusted using the visual dial.

Bypass valves are used to maintain a minimum flow rate through the boiler whilst limiting circulation pressure when other water paths are closed.

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Thermal Bypass Valve

Inta ABPA401022 Auto 22mm By-Pass Angled Valve
£9.13 Inc VAT £7.61 Ex VAT
Altecnic Eres ER-22MMANGBI 22mm Angled Bypass Valve
£9.98 Inc VAT £8.32 Ex VAT
Inta ABPS402022 Auto 22mm By-Pass Straight Valve
£12.30 Inc VAT £10.25 Ex VAT
Altecnic Eres ER-22MMSTRBI Straight Bypass Valve - 22mm x 22mm
£12.83 Inc VAT £10.69 Ex VAT