Plumbers Grease & Putty (3)

Plumbers grease & putty are a vital duo for plumbers, they can be used to lubricate components, create watertight seals and are easy to use. Our selection contains these products from leading brands like Everbuild and Floplast.

Plumbers grease can be used when replacing and installing sink parts, as it will make fitting parts together easier by providing effective lubrication, enabling the pieces to be simply put together with minimal effort.

Plumbers putty can be used to create a watertight seal when installing various plumbing components. For the best results, the putty must be worked and warmed up to make it soft enough to create the shape required; often a ‘worm’ shape, as it is placed around a seal.

For more information on product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a range of other compounds and additives that are ideal for plumbers, builders, DIYers and more.

Plumbers Grease & Putty

Everbuild 113 Plumbers Putty 750g
£4.56 Inc VAT £3.80 Ex VAT
Floplast Silicone Grease (100gm Jar) - SG100
£6.17 Inc VAT £5.14 Ex VAT
Plumbers Tap Grease 28gm
£4.85 Inc VAT £4.04 Ex VAT