Check Valves (1)

Check valves are used in plumbing applications where the liquid is supposed to flow in a single direction, the valve prevents the liquid from going back on itself which may cause further problems. By doing this, the check valve is also preventing any contaminants from flowing back up the application. A check valve requires pressure to allow contents through and closes if pressure is stopped or applied from the wrong direction, making it highly effective at maintaining a constant flow.

Our range includes check valves from popular brands such as Speedfit and features double-check valves amongst others. Manufactured with strong plastic, these double-check valves are used for connecting plastic and copper pipes. The spring within the valves acts as one-way a barrier, opening when liquid is flowing in the correct direction and closing if it starts flowing the wrong way.

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Check Valves

15mm Speedfit Double Check Valve - Push Fit
£14.32 Inc VAT £11.93 Ex VAT