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Inserts (4)

Inserts help with the installation and pipe repair by providing extra support to the pipework, as they provide greater sealing security than a standard insert and they are supplied by leading brands Twistloc, Speedfit and Polyplumb.

These inserts are designed to provide enhanced sealing and can be used with polyfit and polymax fittings and these seals are installed at the head of the stiffener and on the outside of the spigot to seal on the pipe bore. These products are designed to ensure that the ends of the pipe are kept nice and round, in turn reducing loss of shape that can happen whilst cutting the pipe.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We sell a vast range of push-fit products, making it easy to complete any plumbing project.


Speedfit Superseal Insert
As low as £0.38 Inc VAT £0.32 Ex VAT
Polyplumb Insert Pipe Stiffener
As low as £0.36 Inc VAT £0.30 Ex VAT
Speedfit Standard Insert
As low as £0.36 Inc VAT £0.30 Ex VAT
Twistloc Pipe Inserts
As low as £0.29 Inc VAT £0.24 Ex VAT