Collars & Flashings (7)

Our range of collars & flashings provide increased resistance to harsh weather environments, and they are fitted around the flue pipe, for a flush finish. Some of these are supplied by leading brands Polypipe, McAlpine and more.

At C&W Berrys, our range includes weathering collars that offer easy-to-use push-fit pipes and fittings for quick and simple installation. These collars provide a soil and vent system which is residential use and creates a weathertight seal.

Also within our selection are weathering slates that increase resistance to weather conditions around the year using a metal plate that is sealed to the roof. In the centre of the plate is a rubber opening where the soil pipe passes through. The rubber material creates a tight seal, increasing the overall longevity of the flue system.

For more information regarding specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a range of soil pipe and fittings, to create a watertight seal and efficient system.

Collars & Flashings

Worcester Pitched Roof Flashing - 7716191091
£45.82 Inc VAT £38.18 Ex VAT
4" Soil 457 x 457mm Angled Weathering Slate
£33.02 Inc VAT £27.52 Ex VAT
Polypipe Soil Weathering Collar
As low as £4.54 Inc VAT £3.78 Ex VAT
6" Polypipe Grey Soil Weathering Collar - SV68
£10.30 Inc VAT £8.58 Ex VAT
Mcalpine 110mm Aluminium Roof Flashing
As low as £45.36 Inc VAT £37.80 Ex VAT
Polypipe 3" Grey Soil Weathering Collar SV38
£4.26 Inc VAT £3.55 Ex VAT
Polypipe 4" Soil Flat Weathering Slate 400 x 400mm SH400
£28.92 Inc VAT £24.10 Ex VAT