Reducers & Adaptors (10)

Our range of reducers & adaptors include multiple products that allow for changing diameters within a wastewater system such as solvent adaptors, soil pipe reducers and concentric waste reducers. These are supplied by leading pipe brand Polypipe.

Soil pipe solvent adaptors allow a boss shoulder strap to be received by a waste pipe of a different diameter, creating a tight seal and guaranteeing no leakages. They are manufactured from strong PVCu and are strong enough to last.

Soil pipe reducers are designed to fit onto the end of a PVC waste water pipe, allowing it to be reduced in size and they are manufactured from PVC, ensure its weather resistance all year-round in external applications.

Also within our range are soil rubber boss adaptors that are push-fit seals that are used to connect smaller diameter waste pipes to a soil system and they are suitable for domestic environments. They are single-piece moulds making them strong and robust enough to provide excellent longevity.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We supply a large variety of soil pipe and fittings that are available for both internal and external applications.

Reducers & Adaptors

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