Fire Grate (3)

A fire grate is an essential component for fitting into the opening of a solid fuel fireplace to allow air to be drawn from underneath. We have 2 and 4-leg iron grates in a range of sizes and designs for use with coal, logs and smokeless fuels.

Offering the ability to be free standing or securely fitted with raised sides to encourage more focused heat whilst offering easy removal for efficient cleaning.

Designed to fit above the ashpan which collects the hot embers from the burnt fuel with the option of raised rear profile that encourages improved airflow for additional heat with reduced smoke.

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Open Fire Grate

Stool Grate with 4 Legs
As low as £30.76 Inc VAT £25.63 Ex VAT
Regal Grate with 2 Legs
As low as £35.88 Inc VAT £29.90 Ex VAT