Self Seal Trap Valve (5)

View our range of self-seal trap valves from McAlpine that are manufactured from white polypropylene for a range of plumbing applications.

Often used with self-closing waste valves that employ a self-sealing, elastomeric membrane that creates a seal between the sewer and the building above, therefore, as water enters the silicone valve, the membrane opens and stays open until the flow stop.

Offering a drip-free secure connection generally via BSP and compression fitting to achieve a straight or 90° bend in domestic and commercial plumbing jobs whilst helping to prevent unpleasant smells and sewer gases from entering a building.

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Valve Body

McAlpine S31U 11/4" Male Thread x 11/4" Universal Connection
£2.16 Inc VAT £1.80 Ex VAT
McAlpine T31U 11/2" Male Thread x 11/2" Universal Connection
£2.30 Inc VAT £1.92 Ex VAT
McAlpine 372S4U 90° Bend - 1.25" Female Compression Nut x 1.25" Male BSP
£2.71 Inc VAT £2.26 Ex VAT
McAlpine 372T4U 90° Bend - 1.5" Female Compression Nut x 1.5" Male BSP
£2.83 Inc VAT £2.36 Ex VAT
McAlpine WHB-1 Basin Space Saver Valve 1¼" Female BSP x 1¼" Compression
£16.22 Inc VAT £13.52 Ex VAT