Abrasive Materials (3)

Our Diamond Discs for abrasive materials are available in various sizes and are manufactured from strong high-quality steel and utilise rugged diamond-tipped segments to be able to cut through the most abrasive materials. The range includes prominent brands such as Spectrum and Ox Tools.

These discs feature cooling holes making them last for longer in heavy-stress materials and for extended periods of cutting. The discs in this range all conform to British Standards EN 132236:2019 which dictates the safe use of synthetic diamonds in products. Diamond is one of the toughest materials and is extremely effective for cutting through abrasive materials such as stone, concrete, ceramics, and bricks.

For more information regarding the product specification and availability please click on the links below or contact our sales team. An extensive range of diamond discs are available, for cutting a variety of materials.

Abrasive Materials

Spectrum DCA350 350mm Abr/GP Diamond Cutting Disc 25mm bore
£85.99 Inc VAT £71.66 Ex VAT
Spectrum TCX15 300mm Diamond Disc
£80.02 Inc VAT £66.68 Ex VAT
OX/ Spectrum XLA Super Turbo Abrasive Products Diamond Blade
As low as £7.24 Inc VAT £6.03 Ex VAT