Asphalt Diamond Discs (1)

Our Asphalt Diamond Discs are designed to cut through the most demanding of asphalt surfaces and other abrasive surfaces. These diamond-cutting discs are manufactured with strong steel but have a synthetic diamond edge for clean cuts and overall durability. Our range of asphalt diamond discs includes blades from amazing brands like Spectrum.

These asphalt diamond discs are built to last, with a strong steel body and diamond-tipped edges, they will cut through any asphalt with ease. In addition to this, they have clever holes within the body of the disc meaning the disc can cool down whilst in motion. These discs perform at their best when slightly wet, as it assists in the cooling down of the material and blade, allowing for longer cutting time, and less damage to the saw.

For more information regarding product specification and availability please click on the links below or contact our sales team. An extensive range of diamond discs is available for cutting a multitude of materials.

Asphalt Diamond Discs

Spectrum DA Shark 300mm Diamond Asphalt Blade
£62.53 Inc VAT £52.11 Ex VAT