SDS Max Fittings (4)

SDS max hammer drills are designed for heavy duty drilling and they are trusted for their strong and durable performance. They can penetrate and break the toughest materials utilizing strong bits. Our range of SDS max fitting products assure fast, effective results.

Our range includes varying shapes of SDS max fittings, including a chisel profile and a bull point profile. The bits are self-sharpening which reduces the overall maintenance requirements and guarantees their long-term efficiency, they also have excellent material removal rates making them the correct choice for breaking tough materials like masonry.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply top-quality SDS plus fittings within our range.

SDS Max Fittings

Makita B-13839 Bull Point SDS Max
£15.70 Inc VAT £13.08 Ex VAT
Makita SDS Max Chisel
As low as £15.70 Inc VAT £13.08 Ex VAT
Bosch  SDS-Max Point Chisel
£18.11 Inc VAT £15.09 Ex VAT
Bosch 2608690166 SDS-Max Flat Chisel
£16.33 Inc VAT £13.61 Ex VAT