Safety Helmets (6)

Safety Helmets and other headwear is vital whilst carrying out professional and DIY work; they can prevent harm and long-term damage. Our range includes safety helmets, bump caps and accessories for fitting and comfort. Brands such as Draper and Beeswift are at the forefront of workwear and provide excellent safety without compromising on comfort.

Hardshell safety helmets are mostly manufactured from ABS, this material provides both durability and portability. Industry-specific helmets are also featured in our range, such as forestry. These helmets have earmuffs and a face shield built in, providing multiple layers of protection to the head, ears and face.

Bump caps are for when lightweight protection is required, or if the wearer is in a mild-risk environment. However, they are very versatile and can be worn at most times and places, due to their subtle final look. Usually, bump caps utilise a HDPE protective plate within the cap material, providing adequate protection to the user.

For more information regarding product specifications and the availability of our safety helmets, please click on the link below or contact our team of experts. We also offer an extensive range of workwear clothing and footwear.

Safety Helmets & Bump Caps

Beeswift Vented Safety Helmet
As low as £6.90 Inc VAT £5.75 Ex VAT
Beeswift BBVHSB Sweatband for Use with Vented Safety Helmets
£1.92 Inc VAT £1.60 Ex VAT
Beeswift BBVHCS Safety Helmet Adjustable Chin Strap
£1.20 Inc VAT £1.00 Ex VAT
Draper 69933 Safety Helmet with Ear Muffs and Visor
£25.07 Inc VAT £20.89 Ex VAT
Draper 16279 Safety Bump Cap
£14.35 Inc VAT £11.96 Ex VAT
Draper SH1 Safety Helmet
As low as £9.32 Inc VAT £7.77 Ex VAT