Hammer Holders (4)

Hammer holders and holsters allow convenient storage and retrieval of different sized hammers when attached to a range of toolbelts and work belts.

Available in a selection of sizes and durable materials with fixed and oscillating secure rivetted loop supports that allow freedom of movement when climbing ladders or accessing more restricted spaces.

Ideally suited for busy tradesmen, contractors and enthusiasts with flexible construction that encourages extended periods of comfortable wear whilst allowing a hands-free work focus.

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Hammer Loop

Faithfull FAIHH2 Swivel Hammer Holder -150 x 100mm
£6.76 Inc VAT £5.63 Ex VAT
OX Pro Dynamic Nylon Fixed Hammer Holder
£9.20 Inc VAT £7.67 Ex VAT
Plano PLA-538TB Snap-In Hammer Holster - 245 x 120 x 72mm
£9.30 Inc VAT £7.75 Ex VAT
Draper 72924 Swivelling Hammer Loop
£6.36 Inc VAT £5.30 Ex VAT