Boiler Suits (4)

Boiler suits and coveralls are commonly worn in factories, farms, car garages and during renovation work on properties. They provide full body protection from paint, oil, plaster, grease, and agricultural waste and are either hard-wearing or lightweight and disposable.

Manufactured by a range of quality brands including Draper Tools and Regatta, our selection of protective overalls help to keep clothing clean and safe from stains during grubby applications. They are designed to fit over clothing and ensure unrestricted movement during long-term tasks. Dependent on type, coveralls also include pockets with reinforced with stitching that are suited for more demanding work.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We also supply a range of workwear clothing and PPE to further improve safety in the workplace.

Boiler Suits & Coveralls

Regatta Pro Stud Coverall - Navy
As low as £26.10 Inc VAT £21.75 Ex VAT
Regatta Prostud Coverall - Green
As low as £26.10 Inc VAT £21.75 Ex VAT
Draper Boiler Suit
As low as £28.30 Inc VAT £23.58 Ex VAT
Disposable Boilersuit (Oversuit)
As low as £3.60 Inc VAT £3.00 Ex VAT