Thermal Clothing (4)

Designed to keep you warm and dry in cold conditions, our range of thermal clothing acts as a base layer to prevent you catching a chill while working outside. At C & W Berry, we offer an assortment of thermal long johns, long sleeve tops and vests manufactured by industry leading brands.

Utilising eco-friendly and synthetic fibres that help to disperse moisture while retaining body heat, thermal clothing helps to keep you comfortable in harsh conditions and allows you to get on with the task at hand unhindered. Our options are lightweight, provide high levels of flexibility and are available in a selection of designs and colour options.

For further information about our high-quality thermal tops and leggings, including details on material specification, please click the links below. Additionally, a broad range of T-shirts and sweatshirts, work jackets and hats are available to help layer up with on cold winter days if required.

Thermal Tops & Long Johns

Scruffs Long Johns - Black
As low as £23.40 Inc VAT £19.50 Ex VAT
Scruffs Base Layer Top - Black
As low as £23.40 Inc VAT £19.50 Ex VAT
Regatta Neck Gaiter - Black
£5.94 Inc VAT £4.95 Ex VAT
Snickers 9054 Multi Headwear One Size
£18.30 Inc VAT £15.25 Ex VAT