SDS Plus Fittings (8)

Need SDS Plus fittings? We stock flat, spade, bull point, scaling, cold and angled tile chisels to cover any possible job.

Bosch 1 600 A00 F85 Dust Cup (dust catcher for most Bosch SDS drills)
£14.95 Inc VAT £12.46 Ex VAT
Bosch 2-609-390-394  20mm SDS Flat Chisel
£17.96 Inc VAT £14.97 Ex VAT
Bosch SDS Spade Chisel
As low as £19.36 Inc VAT £16.13 Ex VAT
Dewalt 6 Piece SDS+ Chisel & Bit Set
£14.99 Inc VAT £12.49 Ex VAT