External Extreme

External extreme are constructed from composite and are an excellent alternative to timber external doors and are superb value for money, they provided by top brand JB Kind Doors, guaranteeing a good quality external door.

These doors are ideal for any external domestic or commercial building as their coating allows them to be highly resistant to harsh weather making them perfect all year round. They are also excellent at keeping warmth within their home due to their solid shell and centre. External extreme doors are simple to install and maintain as they are lightweight for transporting and fitting.

We have a large selection of external extreme doors with varying designs, from unglazed to 2-glazed panels as well as each door available in multiple sizes, so the right size can be chosen for every need.

For more information regarding product specification and suitability, please click on the links below or contact our sales team. We sell a large range of external doors in varying materials and styles, it is easy to find your ideal external door.

External Extreme

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