Safety Signs

Our selection of safety signs are designed to effectively communicate information through a combination of diagrams, text or both. They are primarily used in schools, offices, hospitals, factories and construction sites to inform personnel of potential hazards, safety regulations, emergency exits and first aid points.

The majority of our signs are manufactured from a lightweight, glare-free, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that come equipped with a self-adhesive backing (unless otherwise stated). These signs are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 7010 and help businesses comply with occupational health and safety legislation. This regulation ensures the design of the signage follows a homogenised colour, size and symbol scheme, which makes them highly identifiable throughout the UK and Europe. Please see the information specified below to understand the meaning of safety signs based of their properties:

Safety Signs & Their Meaning

  • Blue is for Mandatory: These signs provide instructions for a specific action to be taken. For example, protective personal protective equipment must be warn
  • Green is for Safety: These options inform personnel of emergency exits and first aid points
  • Red is for Prohibition & Fire Equipment: Prohibition signs inform personnel of specific areas or actions that must be avoided, while firefighting signs inform staff of the location of equipment
  • Yellow is for Hazard: These signs are used to provide a direct warning message to notify staff to take precautions in unpredictable environments

It is also important to consider the size of the sign you require to ensure it is visible to employees or visitors that may have impaired vision. We offer a selection of signs that are more noticeable, including large mandatory and safety signs.

To view our extensive range, please click the applicable links below to find out more information regarding specification and size. We also offer a selection of identification signs for fire extinguishers and first aid kits that complements our range of health and safety signage.

Safety Signs & Notices